Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cruise Pt 1

Many folks have asked me about the cruise.
I just went on with my brother Chris. For those of you, who don’t know, Chris lives on a boat. You can read about his more updated blog, here.

Well now let me give you a blow by blow for the next few entries

Day 1.

7:30 AM: Arrived in Miami Bright and early after spending too much time in the worst Airport on earth, Las Vegas. Took a cab to the Holiday Inn: Port of Miami where I was going to meet Chris.

8:30 – 9:30 I then poached the WiFi from the Holiday Inn and chatted with life long cruisers for several hours. I met a couple that has been on 61 cruises. They knew every thing about these bight boats, which they call ships. I learned about the importance Gross Tonnage, passenger capacity, and cursing speed. I learned that some boats (or Ships as they call them) have Ice Skating Rinks and that my boat (or Ship), had one on the only bowling Alleys in the world.

More importantly, I learned that there is a group of people in this world who are obsessed with taking cruises.

10:30 Chris shows up and we leave the famed Holiday Inn for greener pastures.

11:00 -11:45 we arrive at the Port. Chris takes me through the rather confusing boarding process. Perhaps, if I had been on 61 cruises, I would have not been so confused, but there you have it. Chris gave me great directions and told me how to avoid all the craziness.

12:00 I finally get on the Norwegian Pearl. Chris and I have a free 4-course meal for lunch and then he gives me a tour of the ship. I finally get to see the famed bowling Alley, the large swimming deck as well as the City of Bars. I also get a back stage tour of the area where he performs. I feel so special.

("Pool Land" The Pool Deck with Miami in the Background)

(Something I learned on my tour)

Sail Away as they say in the Boat (ship) Biz. I see that tip of Miami. You know how it looks all rounded at he tip on a map? well it actually looks like that in real life. It is so cool. That the shape of Florida looks just likes it does on the map.

(Chris at Sail Away: We are near the scary naked deck. There were already people on it when I had my tour.)

Another Cruise Ship: I wonder what the tonnage was on that one. (Btw all Cruise Ships have silly names)

( Tip of Florida Looks just like the map.)

5:00 and Beyond: I actually get a room. I was looking forward to crashing out on Chris’s floor, but thanks to Simon, the Cruise Director and Jen Winters, the company manager for Second City, I get a room. A room on a ship all by my self, they call them State Rooms, even though they are not the size of states.

Chris and I have another 4 course meal for Dinner, and then I pass out.

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